Great Steaks

  1. Scotch Fillet (300g) (aka Cube Roll) “The ultimate in flavour with a little more fat”
  2. Ribeye On The Bone (350g) (aka Rib Steak) ” The meat is sweeter next to the bone”
  3. Porterhouse (200g & 300g) (aka Striploin, Sirloin) “Excellent Flavour with medium fat cover”
  4. T-Bone (500g) “The best of both worlds – Porterhouse on one side, Eye Filllet on the other.”
  5. Eye Fillet (200g & 300g) (aka Tenderloin, Fillet) “The ultimate in tenderness with a minimum of fat”
  6. Rump (200g & 400g) “Lean with a meaty flavour – the best value cut on the menu”

All our steaks are yielded from Prime Australia pasture-fed beef, mainly from the Gippsland district.

Our steaks are yielded from Prime Steers (PRS (aged 36 – 42 months (3 – 3 1/2 years) old.

Prime steers yield the best combination of increased flavour, darker colour & softer texture.

The beef that you see in your supermarket or butchers is usually yearling ie. 1 year old.

Yearling beef is quite light in colour and hasn’t developed the flavour, colour and tenderness that our specifications call for.

After a steer is 3½ years old, it becomes classified as Ox, which is too inconsistent in quality for our liking.

All of our steaks are centre-cut, that is, they are cut from the centre of the muscle group that they are yielded from.

Our beef has been wet-aged for 28 days at strictly controlled temperatures to maximize tenderness and enhance flavour even further.

Our meat supplier runs their own QA system, and complies with all relevant standards and regulations for both domestic and export markets.

We have our own cutting line at our meat supplier, with the same crew cutting all of our steaks to ensure consistent quality.

Our portioned steaks are then vacuum-sealed before being delivered to our premises upon our order.

We have our own vacuum-sealing machine on the premises to seal any packs left open after trading to minimise oxidization.

Parkers Steakhouse “A Breed Apart”